Tips For a Fun Day of Snow Tubing Near Your Lake 

Living the lakefront lifestyle is a year-round adventure. There is a multitude of spring, summer, fall and winter activities. Sometimes when winter has not fully set in and the lake is not frozen over for ice fishing or skating, you have to venture out and find something to do. One of the best winter activities is snow tubing! It doesn’t really require any special skills and is an activity that has no age requirements! The only requirement is your willingness to have fun! 

The first step is to decide where you are going to go. It may be as easy as walking a few houses down to your favorite lakefront neighbor’s house. They have a great hill and are always up for visitors. If that is not an option, you may have to do a quick search of your area and see if any parks nearby have sledding areas open. You can make a big day of it and travel to a local ski area. Many ski mountains have a special dedicated area for snow tubing. This of course will incur a fee, but in my opinion well worth it. Your pass will usually include a tube, a lift to effortlessly carry you up the hill, and a time limit… all that fun does tire you out! If you go that route, make sure you call ahead to find out if you need a reservation and what your pass will include. 

Once you have your location planned, it’s time to gear up and head out! As with any winter activities, layering is important. Waterproof snow clothes are a must. Gloves, hat, snow boots, and a coat are standard attire. Some extras that might be worth it are sunscreen, goggles and a helmet. No good snow tubing event comes wipeout free! Water and snacks are a must as well. It is also a good time to bring a picnic lunch. Everyone is already dressed to be outside so make the most of it! Most of all if you are not going to a place that rents snow tubes, don’t forget yours! 

A day spent snow tubing can be a great memory for children and adults of all ages. It can be a simple ride or two down a local hill, or an all-day trip to a local mountain snow tube park. Whatever your destination turns out to be, just remember you get to return to your lake home and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate overlooking the beauty of the lake. 

“Posted by Scott Freerksen – The Lake Guy”

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