Septic System Alternatives for Small Lakefront Lots

Many factors require homeowners to consider alternative septic systems for small lakefront lots. Coping with the limitations of a small leachfield on their property prompts them to seek alternative small lot septic systems to safely, effectively and affordably treat their wastewater. Today’s post is all about septic system alternatives so you are knowledgeable before buying a lake home!

Septic Systems - Tips on Managing Your Wastewater

Factors that Limit Leachfield Size-

A few of the most common factors that can limit a property’s available leachfield space include: tight property boundaries on a small lot; required setbacks to a well, water body, or property line; large mature trees that inhibit space-clearing for a leachfield; existing landscaping considerations; and inadequate soil elevation issues.

Any of these space-limiting factors will compel a homeowner to seek an alternative septic tank solution, since the smaller available leachfield space typically cannot support a traditional septic system.

For example, a small, heavily-wooded lot often contains several mature trees. For waterfront properties, the Shoreline Protection Act requires a tree survey that assigns points based on the height and circumference of each tree, and limits the number of points you can use to cut down trees. This is important for small lot space clearing, since the points-limit often determines the size of the leachfield space.

Another example of a small lot, small leachfield footprint challenge is the 4-ft setback to the water table required by the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services unless you use an alternative technology. For traditional septic systems – and some alternative small lot septic systems as well – this can necessitate the creation of soil-mounding to raise up the leachfield.

People Often Seek  Guidance on Alternative Compact Septic Systems-

Septic Installation
  • When they wish to purchase or build on a small lot with tight setbacks, and their real estate agent suggests the need for an alternative septic system that allows for a small leachfield.
  • When they wish to add bedrooms that will expand their home’s footprint – thus shrinking the property’s available leachfield area – so they ask their designer for a wastewater treatment system that will perform well in the new smaller-footprint leachfield. Norweco Singulair is the ideal solution, since the system’s 75% leachfield reduction waiver typically facilitates use of the existing leachfield.
  • When they wish to add bedrooms to an existing residence, without adding to the home’s footprint. In this case, the benefit of the Norweco system’s 75% reduction waiver typically ensures that no modification of the existing leachfield is needed. For example, a septic system design for a small lot with a 4-bedroom home requires 1,000 sq ft of leachfield (250 sq.ft per bedroom). So if two more bedrooms are added, the system would require 1,500 sq ft of leachfield. The waiver reduces that requirement to only 375 sq ft (a 75% reduction) – making the existing leachfield more than sufficient – but the key point is that no costly leachfield modification is required.

Your property’s value – and the health of your home and family – depends on selecting an efficient, value-engineered wastewater treatment system designed for a small leachfield footprint.

Advantages of a Norweco Singulair as a Small Leachfield Wastewater Treatment Alternative-

Singulair Green Wastewater Treatment System Opens New Market for Installers  - Norweco

75% Reduction in Leachfield Footprint: A Norweco Singulair septic tank has a smaller footprint because of its smaller concrete tank dimensions. This footprint is vitally important for properties with small lots and tight setbacks. A further advantage is the proven wastewater treatment technology that has earned the system a general waiver for a 75% leachfield footprint reduction. Unlike a site-specific waiver that requires individual approval, this valuable general waiver applies to any site that meets standard requirements. This leachfield footprint reduction allows people to build homes and create successful alternative septic systems on small lots that cannot support a traditional larger-sized septic system.

Norweco Accommodates Ledge Considerations for up to 4-bedroom homes: Ledge considerations are very common near waterfront areas such as the lakefronts and seacoasts throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. The Singulair is an ideal septic system alternative for these areas, since the required system height is only six feet for up to a 4-bedroom system (including the tank and fill), allowing for successful ledge applications.

Valuable Soil Credit: Norweco Singulair is the only ATU (Aerobic Treatment Unit) that has earned the valuable 2-ft. Soil Credit. Typically, this credit shortens the system’s required distance from the water table by half. In comparison, traditional septic tank installation using pipe & stone or concrete chambers requires a distance of four feet from the water table – which adds expense and time of more material, and sometimes a pump because a higher field cannot be gravity-fed.

Self-contained Value-engineered Performance: The minimal key components work together to ensure efficient flow equalization, and minimize leachfield footprint. The system’s one mechanical component is an aerator that runs only 12 hours per day, every 30 minutes. The aerator and bio-kinetic filter provide consistent flow equalization, to ensure full treatment of all wastewater that leaves the tank.

Everything Serviced At Grade: At-grade servicing keeps system maintenance costs down for a homeowner, since it eliminates the need for permitted, confined-space entry into the tank, and does not require specialized servicing equipment. Also, since all components are installed outside, a service technician typically does not need access to the house.

Energy-efficient: The Singulair is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient and affordable septic system alternative. Norweco’s patented design works to quietly, efficiently and automatically treat all waste water, and returns only harmless effluent to the environment in just 48 hours.

Certified to Perform: Norweco Wastewater Treatment systems are crafted by licensed distributors to the rigorous standards of the public health and safety agency, NSF International (National Sanitation Foundation).

Ease of Installation and Maintenance: A.J. Foss, Inc. in Farmington, NH holds the area license to manufacture, install and service Norweco Singulair Wastewater Treatment Systems and Norweco Service Pro Control Centers in New Hampshire, Maine, and Northern Massachusetts. Using proprietary precast forms, the factory-trained Foss team serves as a licensed distributor, installer and service professional.

If you are thinking of buying a lake home, and especially if it is on a small lot be sure to know about the alternative septic systems so you are prepared once you move in on how to maintain it!

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