3 Reasons Not to Wait Until Spring to Buy Your Lake Home

Congratulations on your decision to invest in the lakefront lifestyle! Owning lakefront property is an experience that will change the way you live…it becomes a retreat to escape the hassles of daily living. The wildlife, recreation, and vacation feel of waterfront living will forever be a part of you.

Purchasing a lake home is unlike any other real estate you purchased in the past. You are not only buying a home, you are buying a lake and a lifestyle. Too many buyers wait until Spring to purchase their dream property…here are 3 reasons why Winter is the best time to buy:

Better Values

You will never find lower prices on lakefront property than Winter months. Sellers know there are almost 75% less buyers out looking at properties due to holidays, cold weather, etc.; and need to adjust their prices accordingly. Sellers also know that they are selling a lifestyle product and it is off-season for that product. There is possibly ice on the lake/pond, there could be snow covering the property, etc. If they didn’t sell by early December, then they will have to present their property as an extreme value if they have any hope of selling before the Spring market. So as a buyer, how do you know what your shoreline will look like in the summer? Be sure to check out our article on “Buying a lake home in the winter“.


For some reason, most buyers wait until Spring to purchase their dream lakefront home. As discussed above, you will most likely pay 20% to 35% more for that same home in the Spring. But just as important is the use and enjoyment of your new lake home during the best season. If you purchase in April, you will most likely not close until June or July. You’re missing (in my opinion) the best months on the lake…May and June. The weather is terrific, the lake water quality is pristine and the boat traffic is minimal.

Mortgage Rates

Did you ever notice that mortgage rates always seem to rise in the Spring? It’s just like gas prices…supply and demand. If you pay just 1% more on your interest rate on a $350,000 lake home, you will end up paying $72,000 more over the life of a typical 30-year loan. What kind of boat could you buy for $72,000? What kind of improvements could you make to your lake home for $72,000? With less loans being written in the winter, you may also find better incentives from lenders for even more savings on your purchase. Something else to keep in mind is the appraised value! Your lender will have the previous 3 or 4 months of strong Autumn sales to work with when completing your home valuation. You are less likely to have appraisal issues in this scenario. While Springtime evaluations have to rely on minimal Winter sales (at lower prices) for comparables.

So take advantage of the winter months to search for and purchase your dream lakefront home! I promise you will not regret it!

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Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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