Why You Should Add an Outdoor Shower to Your Lake Home

Adding an outdoor shower to your new lake home might be exactly what your home was missing… 

Check out the reasons why…

Makes an Ideal Changing Area- An outdoor shower makes it an easy place to shower and change up after a swim so you will not have to walk through the house to the bathroom soaking wet. If your shower has doors it’s a perfect private spot to rinse, dry, and change after swimming in the lake. 

5 steps for building the best outdoor shower on the lake - Cottage Life

It is Relaxing- Having an outdoor shower at your lake home is an amazing experience. Imagine taking a warm shower shower outside while the wind and sun touch your skin and you get to gaze at the view of your beautiful surroundings. That would be very relaxing and make you feel relaxed! 

Makes Cleaning Up Easier- Instead of everyone tracking dirt and mud all throughout the house after a day on the lake, you will be able to rinse off and be clean. This will save you the hassle of cleaning so you will be able to spend more time relaxing on the lake!

Perfect for Many Guests- Having a lake home in the summer time can make your house a popular destination for friends and family. An outdoor shower can help better accommodate these guests by being an alternative washing spot when indoor showers are occupied.

To ensure patrons are comfortable, be sure to enclose your outdoor shower with privacy walls and equip it with a latch or locking mechanism.

Building a DIY Outdoor Shower

Makes a Convenient One-Stop Dog-Cleaning Spot- Tired of muddy paw prints in the house? Corral your furry friend in a fenced outdoor shower equipped with a hand-held nozzle, and washing up after a day at the doggy park is a breeze.

Adds Value to Your Lake Home- When selling your home, an outdoor shower is a perfect amenity that makes your home stand out and that buyers will love. 

According to HGTV’s article, “Which Home Improvements Pay Off?,” adding a bathroom to your home can increase a home’s sale price by almost 9 percent.

While your outdoor shower won’t be a full bathroom, this additional space can still bump up your lake home’s value, even if only by a little.

Making an outdoor shower the next addition to your lakefront home is one of the best decisions. You will be able to keep the house cleaner, have extra space for guests to wash off, add value to your home, and have a relaxing place to unwind after a long day, so there’s really no reason not to!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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