How Do I Get on HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunt – Renovation?

If you have plans to renovate a lakefront cottage, HGTV wants to know who you are!

First…you must already own the property and purchased it in the last 6 months (spoiler alert: they film the show in reverse). The purchase price needs to be under  $375,000 and HGTV likes to work with couples under 40 who have children.

If you haven’t found your dream lake home yet, you’ll want to use a Lakefront Living Realty specialist to purchase it. Why? Because HGTV chose Lakefront Living Realty clients more often than any other brokerage in the country! They are premier lakefront special agents who are able to find outstanding lakefront locations (on or off the market) and coach their clients in negotiating a true bargain…but more importantly a great value.

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HGTV knows that you can always change the home, but you can’t change the lakefront location. There’s no sense putting the time, effort and resources into a major renovation where the location does not justify the expense. Lakefront Living Realty agents understand the value of the proper location…because you’re not just buying a home, you’re buying a lake!

Also, a qualified lakefront special agent will know the lakeside zoning requirements, building restrictions and waterfront constraints that are imperative to clients not making a mistake in their purchase. There’s nothing worse than thinking you purchased a bargain only to find out you can’t do what you thought you could do.

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Lakefront Living Realty is in touch with HGTV Lakefront Bargain Hunt Renovation Producers every week. Are you a good candidate for the show? Here’s how you can let us know!

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