5 Things to Know About Pontoon Boats

5 Things to Know About Pontoon Boats & Why They’re Ideal For Any Boater When it’s time to choose the right kind of boat for your lifestyle, there are several things to consider. It’s important to understand the experience level that is required with certain watercraft as well as affordability and ease of use. By […]

Can You Ski Behind a Pontoon Boat?

The beauty of pontoon boats is that they can serve a lot of functions. Some are great for cruising the lakes with your friends and family and others are designed specifically to help increase the action of your fishing trip. But can you water-ski behind a pontoon boat? The short answer to that is YES, […]

12 Steps to Winterizing Your Pontoon Boat

by RestorePontoon.com Freezing temperatures and icicles are perhaps the last things you think of when you think about your pontoon boat. Nevertheless, it’s important to prepare your pontoon boat for the worst of the winter months so that you can be worry and hassle-free when the spring thaw arrives. Although many businesses offer winterization services […]

Choose the Right Boat For You

Finding the “One.” by DiscoverBoating.com Discovering the perfect boat is right up there with finding your best friend. It’s a relationship that always comes up aces when you’re together. Want to feel like a kid in a candy store? Check out our extensive list of watercraft, from PWCs to multilevel motor yachts and every vessel […]

Pontoon Boat Safety Considerations

Pontoon Boat Safety Considerations by Colby A. Stewart Summer is here and if you haven’t hit the water yet, it’s the perfect time to do so. Whether you’ve had a boat for years or just purchased a new pontoon, you’ll want to brush-up on safety protocol for the specific boat you own. Here are some […]