Outboard Motor Selection: Finding the Right Fit for Your Lakeboat

Now that you have an amazing lakefront home, it is time to get a boat! When it comes to finding the right outboard motor for your lakeboat the choice usually comes down to Mercury and Yamaha. Outboard motor selection can be confusing for novice boat owners. Both Mercury and Yamaha have long histories of producing quality outboard motors. You can’t really go wrong by choosing either, but you may find that one suits your needs slightly better than the other.The choice between Mercury and Yamaha outboards depends on several factors, but first some history on the two companies.

mercury and yamaha


Mercury originally started in 1939 when Carl Kiekhaefer bought an outboard motor company. He started out wanting to make magnetic separators to be used in the dairy industry.The problem was that the outboard motor company had 300 motors in inventory. Rather than simply scrapping them, Kiekhaefer had his employees repair the motors, and sold them to a company called Montgomery Ward. They were so impressed, they ordered more.Through the years the company has maintained as a staple in American culture as a go-to company for lightweight small motors. Today, their line includes outdoor motors ranging from 2.5 hp to 400 hp.

Yamaha started out as a musical company. In 1958, it decided to enter the marine arena, but it wasn’t an easy transition. Unlike Mercury Marine, Yamaha didn’t just walk into several outboard engines. They had to design them. Two engineers worked for two years on the outboard motor until it was ready to reach production. At the time, Yamaha was known for making musical instruments. This led many people to joke around that this was the reason the motor was so noisy.This was the beginning of Yamaha’s tradition of paying close attention to market research and customer feedback. Thanks to Yamaha paying attention, they have continually improved their motors to meet the needs and desires or their customers.

Outboard Motor Selection :What to Consider

  1. Purpose: For what purpose do you need the outboard motor? For example, are you fishing, cruising, or racing?
  2. Power: What size and power do you need for your boat? Both Mercury and Yamaha offer a range of engines from small portable outboards to high-performance motors.
  3. Budget: How much are you willing to spend on an outboard motor? Both Mercury and Yamaha offer products at different price points.
  4. Reliability: Which brand is known for its reliability and durability in the long run?
  5. Service and Support: What level of service and support do you need, and which brand can offer that?

The Choice is Yours

Outboard motor selection can be a difficult task, as both brands are highly regarded for producing high-quality and reliable outboard motors. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference. Both companies offer a diverse selection of models, with a range of horsepower options to meet the needs of any boater. Additionally, both Mercury and Yamaha provide extensive resources for owners, including manuals, parts, accessories, and a widespread network of service dealers to ensure the proper maintenance of your outboard motor.It’s important to consider your specific needs and circumstances before making a decision. I would recommend visiting a marine dealer to discuss your options and test drive different models. Now get out there and realize your dream lakeboat!

“Posted by Scott Freerksen – The Lake Guy”

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