Can I Reupholster My Own Boat Seats?

If you are a lakefront boat owner than you know the importance of having comfortable boat seats. One of the benefits of owning a lake home is being able to spend time on the water. Lounging around in a pontoon boat with moldy, ripped seats can take away from the vacation feel of being on the lake! But the question remains, “Can I reupholster my own boat seats?”. The answer is YES! With a few simple tools and determination it can be done. You will be proud of yourself and save a few bucks.

First step measure for your materials

  • Carefully remove the existing seat covers and set aside. Pro Tip -take pictures of how it is secured to the base.
  • When everything is removed lay them out flat and measure. Adding additional yardage to cover mistakes is always a good idea.
  • Make sure to buy Marine Grade vinyl. It will have a better UV resistance than indoor vinyl.
  • Evaluate your foam padding and replace as needed.
  • Make sure to evaluate the base wood for rot and plan to replace as needed.

Next gather some basic tools.

  • Screwdriver or drill
  • Scissors and a utility knife
  • Staple gun and staples (preferably staples for outdoor use)
  • Marking pencil
  • Additional tools : a saw for cutting wood bases and the foam padding

Make your pattern.

  • Lay your old seat covers or bases on the vinyl and trace and leave enough extra fabric to fold around your foam padding.
  • Cut out padding to match wood base.

Assemble seats.

  • On a firm work surface lay your vinyl good side down.
  • Add foam padding on top.
  • Layer wood base on top of padding
  • Fold vinyl over to wood base and secure with a staple. do this on all 4 sides.
  • Slowly work around your seat base secure every few inches. Remember to keep vinyl pulled tight. Keep checking for wrinkles.

Admire your work!

  • Now is the time to pat yourself on the back because you did it!
  • Put your seats back together, referring back to the many pictures you took.

With a few simple tools and some smart tips on what types of materials to buy, you can reupholster your own boat seats. The cost saving can be huge. Now you are a savvy lakefront home owner, get out there and show off your work!

“Posted by Scott Freerksen – The Lake Guy”

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