Lakefront Location Considerations

As it relates to lakefront property, the popular real estate phrase “Location, Location, Location” was never more applicable. Once you find your dream LAKE, the location ON that lake can make or break your enjoyment. So here’s some things to consider about location:

  • From house to neighboring house, the shoreline conditions can change dramatically, be sure to understand those conditions in ALL 4 SEASONS.
  • You can change the house, but you can’t change your neighbors. Visit with your neighbors before you purchase the propSummer sun rises over a lakeside boat dockerty. Not only will you get to know them better, but you can ask about the neighborhood and lake shore conditions.
  • Is the property inside a cove or on an outside point? Boat traffic can be perceived completely different depending on this simple lakefront home location choice.
  • Sunrise and sunset locations can change your entire experience. It he lake side gets afternoon sun, be sure there’s a way to create shade areas in the summer.
  • Visit the property both on weekdays and weekends at different times of day. Get to know the sun pattern and boat traffic patterns. It’s also a good time to check cell phone coverage.
  • Swimming needs: Is the shoreline conducive to kids swimming (shallow entry, sandy beach) and away from boat traffic/waves?
  • Boating needs: Does the shoreline allow for a dock and docking a power-boat? Does the property have it’s own boat launch area? If not, where can you take boats in and out?
  • Does the property not only fit your needs now…but will it fit your needs 10, 20 or 30 years from now?

Key Point: If you are buying in Spring, Fall or Winter, be sure to know the aquatic weed situation in the summer months. Ask the Association, neighbors, other residents…you don’t want to be surprised come summer!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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