How to Choose the Perfect LAKE for Your Lakefront Lifestyle

Understand that you are not just buying a house, you are buying a LAKE! After all, it’s the lakefront lifestyle you wish to experience. Therefore, all the specific details of the lake become critically important to enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

Ask yourself (and your family) the following questions. It will help you understand your wants and needs and enable you to find the perfect lake for you!

  • Does the lake have an active Lake Association? Be sure to contact them, they will be a profound source of information on all items listed below…
  • Is the lake size appropriate for your desired recreational activities?
  • Are there Boating Rules & Regulations developed for the lake? Obtain a copy.
  • How heavy is boat traffic in the summer?
  • Does the Association have By-Laws established?  Obtain a copy.
  • How is the lake Dam controlled? Who owns it? Who controls the water level? What is Protocol?
  • Do they practice “Drawdown” techniques in the Fall? Has the lake water level ever NOT refilled?
  • Does the water quality get tested regularly? If so, where can you find the historic data? What is the communication process when the lake is deemed unusable?
  • What are the zoning regulations regarding waterfront home remodels and expansions?
  • What are the dock and boathouse regulations and restrictions?
  • Are there Lake Association fees? And are they mandatory or voluntary? How much?
  • How are lake weeds managed? Are there special assessments imposed for this?
  • How much of the lake is controlled by town sewer vs. private septic?
  • How much of the lake is covered by town drinking water vs. private water?
  • What percentage of the homes around the lake require flood insurance?
  • What coves are known to have “hang-out” locations for boaters? Is there public access?
  • What type of fish are available and what are the local fishing regulations?

Key Point: Drive around the lake you’re considering and speak with at least 3  residents. You will get a tremendous amount of information from people who already live there!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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