Lakefront Living – Where on the Lake Should I be?

You already decided to be on the water… but which part of lake should you be on? Believe it or not, your lakefront experience can vary greatly from one house to another. Besides the home’s orientation, there are other factors that will impact your decision:

Coves – Depending on the wind direction, coves can be a catch all for floating weeds.
Depth of water – Shallow water may not provide the recreational activities you desire.
Make-up of bottom – Gravel, muck, sand, weeds… know the impact this will have on your lifestyle.
Dock restrictions – Check with the Conservation Commission for permit requirements / restrictions.
Non-native plants – Concentrations in front of your home will impact your enjoyment.
Neighbors – Good ones are terrific, bad ones you can’t change! Know who they are.
Boat traffic patterns – Understand frequency and distance from the home.

Be aware of the time of year you are buying the home because lakes change tremendously throughout the year. Your swimming area may look fine in early spring, but then by midsummer it is filled with nuisance weeds. Listing agents may not know the answer to these type of questions. Be sure to talk through all this with your Lakefront Real Estate Specialist, the Lake Association, Town Offices, and/or the neighbors until you are completely satisfied.

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