Lakefront Living – Lake Associations can Increase Your Lakefront Property Values

Lake Associations are formed to protect lakefront property and resolve problems that maybe threatening the lake’s health. When purchasing a lakefront property, it would be beneficial for you to speak with the lake association leaders. Educated yourself on the issues that the lake association is currently involved in. These issues can have significant impact on your enjoyment of the lake as well as the value of your lakefront property.

Members of a lake associations meet to discuss lake issues and determine courses of action to protect their lake. They can: attend town meetings to be a voice for the lake, apply for grants to protect or improve the lake, monitor the lake or pond for invasive species and check water quality, work with the towns to address watershed issues including increased cleaning of storm drains, implementing new storm water control techniques, work with planning boards to reduce the impact of increasing development, attend workshops to gain more knowledge about lake ecology, hydrology etc., and hold training workshops to educate the community about lake and watershed issues.

About 35% of the recreational lakes in New England have lake associations, some more active than others. Most associations charge a fee to join… anywhere from $10 to $150 per year and membership is usually voluntary.

One study suggested that lakes with active associations that take an active role in weed management can increase the value of lakefront property by 18%.

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