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Kayak Fishing: This emerging sport gets a boost from new gear

By Mark Anders, posted 07.10.2010

Photo Courtesy: Native Watercraft. Water Wheel: This pedal kayak’s 13-pound drivetrain uses gears similar to those that transmit power to a car’s wheels.

With approximately 40 million anglers nationwide, fishing is one of the country’s most popular pastimes, and kayak fishing is arguably its hottest new trend. Compared with a motorized boat, a kayak saves gas money, fits into tight, shallow spots, and lets you sneak up quietly on that big catch. They are great additions to your lakefront home.

Pictured: Pedal Instead of Paddle: Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel.

Bicycle-like pedals replace this kayak’s paddle, leaving hands free for fishing. The Propel’s four-gear drivetrain turns a propeller 10 times for each crank, so you can efficiently reach 5.75 mph. It’s easy to steer, too: A joystick directs a rudder, and unlike existing pedal kayaks that use unidirectional flippers, pedaling backward moves the propeller—and craft—in reverse. Lift out the drive to paddle or swap in a motor. The boat can also add a mast and sail and, now available, pontoons. $1,800; See

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