Lakefront Living: Selling Your Lakefront Home?

by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”, Broker/Owner Lakefront Living Realty, LLC

Why Use a Lakefront Specialist?

Every other Realtor® you speak with will be a “generalist”. They sell any type of real estate they can…and there’s nothing wrong with that. But lakefront property is unique, your home is unique… and it takes a focused marketing approach to attract & educate the best buyers for your lakefront property. How are we different? We sell the lakefront lifestyle.

We sell more lakefront property than any other Realtors® in New England. Choosing an agent for your lakefront home is one of the most important “business” decisions you will make. Give yourself the best chance at getting maximum value. Here are the Top 5 Reasons why sellers choose to list their lakefront home with us:

  1. REGISTERED BUYER LIST: attracts thousands of buyers who are anxiously awaiting the next lakefront property to come to market. 80% of the time, we can sell your property to someone already on our registered buyer list. When we do, your commission and time on market are greatly reduced. Many buyers attend our “Keys to Buying Lakefront Property” seminar making them the most prepared buyers in the market.
  2. LAKEFRONT KNOWLEDGE: We passionately live the lakefront lifestyle ourselves and can “talk the talk” with potential buyers. We can educate them on all the details of your lake and even get them out on the water to experience the lifestyle first hand. We are prepared to answer their lakefront questions and can provide past client referrals to help with their decision.
  3. EXPERIENCE: We are the ONLY lakefront specialists in New England. This is all we do; all day, every day. We create detailed web pages for your property and market it where the buyers are looking. We include Virtual Tours® of the home, panoramic photos, dedicated lake pages, free kayaks for the buyers, lakefront signs and complimentary Home Staging advice. We make it easy for you to sell…maximum value with minimal hassle.
  4. ACCOMPANIED SHOWINGS: How can we sell the lakefront lifestyle if we are not there? We are the only Realtors® who accompany all their showings. We never rely on another agent (the Buyer’s Agent) to show and sell your home… that’s our job… that’s why you hire us. We respect and protect your home as if it was our own… we can’t do that if we are not there.
  5. COMMUNICATION: We provide constant communication on showings, buyer feedback, web site visits, and market conditions. All transaction documents are provided to you in pdf format for your records. Communication is so important, if you are not completely satisfied with our services, you can cancel your contract at any time… guaranteed.

So what is the first step? Contact Us for a FREE market evaluation of your lakefront home.

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Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”
Owner/Broker, Realtor®
Lakefront Living Realty, LLC
Office: (508) 377-7167

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