How to Keep the Ice From Damaging Your Dock

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Dock de-icing can allow you to ensure that your dock stays in good condition – even throughout the winter months when it is hardly in use. De-icing is more of an art form due to the fact that there is no rule for determining how a de-icer is going to take and react to a certain area of ice.


Benefits Of De-icers:

  • Moves the warm water on the bottom that has been heated by the earth to the surfacedeicer-dock-mount-image
  • Depends on many different things on how it works – depth, obstructions, geographic location
  • Ideal to use on any dock or pier
  • Use when the water is already iced over or by the shoreline where the water is not iced over yet
  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Use your de-icer in the spring and summer to remove unwanted weeds and muck from your shoreline offers a variety of de-icers and ways to mount them for your lakefront home including their Oscillator Attachment that will increase a deicers coverage area up to 5 times.

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Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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