Give Your Boat a Lift!

The nice thing about the new modular dock systems is their flexibility and adaptability. After putting in a new ShoreMaster dock last year myself, the next logical step may be a boat lift. You can learn more about them here:

An aluminum boat lift is the best way to get your boat into and out of the water and protect your investment. As waterfront experts and the originators of the welded aluminum boat lift, ShoreMaster knows what kind of features and performance lakefront homeowner’s expect from their accessories. From the construction to the number of available customization options, ShoreMaster’s Vertical Boat Lift is an easy choice for anyone who spends their summer on a watercraft.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lift

Reliability and Performance Built In

All ShoreMaster boat dock and lift options provide reliability, performance, and quality that boat owners expect. We’ve had years to perfect our design to ensure that it gives you years of superior stability, reliability, and performance. The dime-welded welded construction and premium components means that you can trust your boat lift to last for many seasons with very little maintenance required. The double v-side design allows you to get to your craft and onto the water faster, and our exclusive Whisper Winch offers the market’s quietest operation.

Easy Ownership

Boat lift installation doesn’t have to be a hassle when your vertical boat lift comes from ShoreMaster. The vertical lift has the industry’s easiest ownership, assembly and installation. The vertical boat lift has an eight-piece design and welded construction that makes the entire lift easy to assemble and install. The vertical lift can be used with nearly any type of watercraft thanks to weight capacities and other add-on options, and the 66” travel rack makes it an easy choice for many water levels and shorelines. The aluminum construction means durability and low-maintenance ownership, which means you can focus on the water instead of on repairs.

Customization Options

When combined with other ShoreMaster lift accessories, a vertical boat lift is part of any perfect boat dock layout. Motorized operation is available as an integrated or add-on feature for our aluminum boat lifts: the addition of a motor makes lifting your boat as easy as pushing a button while being quiet and unobtrusive. Boat lift motors come in multiple power and remote options, which gives boat owners a number of choices when it comes to convenience. 

A ShoreMaster canopy system can help provide your boat with further protection from the elements and is a great accessory option for any boat lift system. Deep frame designs provide coverage and breathability, and a variety of durable fabric options in a variety of colors means that you don’t have to trade quality for aesthetics.

Aluminum Boat Lifts from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster has been an industry leader for decades. Our vertical boat lifts are among the many well-made, industry leading boat dock accessories that are perfected after years of experience. Your perfect lift system is available at ShoreMaster: we have solutions for every waterfront, dealers that can help you install your new aluminum boat lift, and an experienced customer support team available on the phone or online that can answer any questions you have about your boat lift or other ShoreMaster dock options. Contact your local ShoreMaster dealer to learn more and get started on your dock plans.

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing, posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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