15 Seconds to Your Dream Lakefront Home

Dream Lake HomeIt is said that over 90% of all home buyers begin their search on-line. And while this is typically a smooth process for most home buyers, the same cannot be said for those dreaming of lakefront living. Searching the internet for direct lakefront homes can be tedious and difficult.

The inherent problem is the way that Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data is entered, and then distributed, to the internet. Generally, MLS systems do not have a way to separate the DIRECT lakefront homes from the ones that are across the street, have deeded rights, or simply just have a view of the lake. Therefore, search functions cannot grab the right data for interested consumers.

We found buyers were extremely frustrated trying find DIRECT lakefront homes on-line. In fact, our survey indicated they were averaging 3.4 hours searching through several websites and coming up empty handed. So we set out to reduce that time to just 15 seconds or less.

Four times per day, our team at Lakefront Living Realty comb through every new listing that is coded as a lakefront property in the states we cover (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire & Connecticut). Ultimately, only about 30% of all the new listings coded as such are actually directly on the water. These homes, as well as land and long-term rentals, are pushed over to LakefrontLiving.com and “attached” to the specific lake they are on.

Now it’s possible to quickly search all 1800+ direct lakefront properties in just seconds. Give it a try…you could have your toes in the water faster than you think!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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