Why are so Many People Flocking to the Lake?

Lakefront property took over the number one spot for “lifestyle” sales in real estate in mid-2020, with oceanfront and mountain view rounding out the top three.

So why are so many new people discovering the lakefront lifestyle? We have some thoughts:

Pandemic Effect

If you are going to have a stay-at-home order, why not spend it on the lake? When you live on the lake full time, “staycations” are a daily occurrence. The more people were cooped up in the spring of 2020, the more they felt the need for solitude and a relaxing place to get away.

Also, many people in congested cities are rethinking their lifestyle choice, especially when the pandemic became such a mindset change. Getting away from the crowd became a top priority. Boating, fishing, swimming, waterskiing, jet-skiing, kayaking, paddle-boarding, etc.; are all activities that can be done while social distancing.

Emotional Connection

We also see people trying to “reconnect” with a simpler time and a slower paced lifestyle, they are rethinking what is most important to them. We talk with thousands of buyers every month, and most describe some personal emotional connection with lake life. They may have visited grandparents as a kid or vacationed on the water in the past, but the feeling of that lifestyle sticks with them.


There is a massive amount of content on TV revolving around the lakefront lifestyle such as Lakefront Bargain Hunt (and Lakefront Bargain Hunt-Renovation), Lake Docks & Decks, Docked Out, Maine Cabin Masters, etc. These programs heighten the awareness of the lakefront lifestyle to millions of prospective buyers every week.

Rental Properties

With the huge success of sites such as AirBNB and VRBO, more and more people are experiencing the lifestyle through short term rentals. Once they get a taste for it, the thought of living full time on the water can be quite enticing.

For those of us that currently live on the lake, we understand the vast benefits of living the lakefront lifestyle and feel incredibly fortunate to do so. We are excited to see so many other discovering what it’s all about!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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