Lakefront Property Specialist Goes Above and Beyond

One of the questions I’m always asked is how a Lakefront Property Specialist/Realtor is different from your standard Realtor. The picture of one of our realtors, Rick Stockhaus, illustrates that quite clearly.

Whenever he meets a potential buyer at a lakefront home, he immediately takes them down to the lake and he walks into the water up to his knees. Most people are initially quite shocked. Some are not sure if he’s going in for a swim or if he’s just lost his mind.

What Rick is doing is helping them understand that when it comes to lakefront property you are not just buying a house, but the lake, too. And one of the most important factors in the future enjoyment of your lake home will be the shoreline conditions. Is it sandy, rocky, weedy and/or Rick’s favorite…mucky.

“It’s not only important to know these conditions now, but to know what they will be like throughout the year,” said Rick, “You may be viewing a home in early spring before the weeds are out.”

It’s very rare to hear this specialty agent talk about bedrooms and bathrooms. “We discuss all the details of the lake. Such as what kind of boating is allowed, water quality, swimming restrictions and fish types” added Rick. “It’s important to match a particular lake to the how people will use the lake day to day.”

Rick is part of “The Lake Team”…special agents who are passionate about lakefront living and live the lifestyle themselves. Rick lives on Ramshorn Pond in Sutton and has a passion for uniting buyers and sellers of lakefront property.

While it’s great to work with Rick, we worry about him. We certainly appreciate all the extra effort Rick puts in for his clients but it’s just a matter of time before he steps into a big hole and completely disappears (I’m joking, sort of).

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