Lakefront Living – Winning the War on Aquatic Weeds

weedshearThere’s nothing worse that diving off your dock and emerging from the lake looking like Sigmund the Sea Monster (I’m dating myself). Here’s a simple but effective solution to control aquatic vegetation for your lakeshore.

The WeedShear Pond and Lake Weed Cutter! A unique design with 49″ wide razor blade edges for cutting the ALL aquatic vegetation.

The Lake and Pond Weed Shear has a uniquely designed shape that allows you to throw it from the dock, shore or boat, let it sink to the bottom and retrieve it back with the 30′ rope. The handle comes in 3 pieces totaling 9′. It comes with a hand sharpener to keep the tool effective. $144.99 (Shipping costs range $10-$20 U.S. $25 Canada).

Remember, most invasive aquatic weeds spread by fragmentation. Small loose fragments of the plant will sink to the bottom and re-root. So be sure to RAKE ALL WEED FRAGMENTS from your shoreline…or your problem will only get worse!

Get the most out of your lakefront Property! You can learn more, watch videos and order the product from Weeder’

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