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Snow Shoeing around your favorite lake is one great sport. From a family event, to a full on workout, snow shoes are a fun and useful tool to learn how to use. Snowshoes have been around for many centuries. The older types were made of  wood and rope, they were heavy and really only used for travel and survival.

Today’s Snow Shoes have evolved over the last 30 years. When you rent or buy a pair of snow shoes today you’re getting a light weight, highly effective version of what has been used for centuries.

There are a number of reasons to enjoy the benefits of snowshoeing around a lake:

* A fun, inexpensive and active way to visit the shoreline areas
* Simple to learn and easy to access places covered with snow
* Great cardiovascular exercise for adults and for kids
* An entertaining social group activity

Snowshoeing is an extremely safe sport. Snowshoeing involves a natural motion similar to walking, to which the body is accustomed, and is very low impact due to the cushioning of snow. Any wintertime outdoor activity has its risks and snowshoeing is no exception. Take care to avoid the following hazards:

* First it’s a good idea to always bring Food and Water with You!  Just do it….
* Thin ice: Do not walk over frozen water unless you are sure of its safety. Even after a long freeze, a body of water may have thin spots. Be careful!
* Frost bite: Protect all exposed appendages, especially as the temperature drops or the wind increases.

* Hypothermia: Staying warm means keeping your body dry inside of your clothes and out.

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