Buying Lakefront Property is Different Than Any Other Real Estate

We like to say that you’re not just buying a house, you’re buying a lake! Therefore, all the details of that lake are extremely important for the future enjoyment of your lakefront lifestyle.

At least that’s what over 150 people found out at Lakefront Living Realty’s 10th annual “Keys to Buying Lakefront Property” Seminar on March 25th, 2017. We talked through topics such as water quality,lakefront seminar weed control, shoreline conditions, zoning requirements and flood insurance in our 2-hour, information packed session.

Industry professionals were set up right in the room to field questions and provide information on their services such as obtaining a lakefront home mortgage, getting legal assistance and insurance, inspecting and building a lake home; as well as boat & dock options.

Much of the agenda is taken from Lakefront Living’s “37-item checklist” which takes advantage of our 14-years experience selling only lakefront homes. When buyers get serious about an offer on a lakefront home, the checklist points out any red flags that might be an issue when financing and/or the enjoyment of their new lakefront property.

Said one attendee: “I have purchased 6 homes in my lifetime, but never a lakefront property. I can’t believe everything I learned in this seminar, especially about the lake itself. I never would have guessed there is so much to consider when buying lakefront. I feel so much more prepared to find my dream property. Cant wait to start my new lifestyle this summer!”

Kayak Winner
Kayak winner Stephen Hersh from Sharon, MA

One attendee even walked away with a free $600 beautiful kayak courtesy of MBA Mortgage.

Lakefront Living Realty conducts this powerful seminar only once per year every spring. For a copy of the 2017 presentation and/or the 37-item checklist, you can e-mail us at

Already looking forward to next year!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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