The Massachusetts Lake and Pond Guide

If you are a lake and pond lover like me, you may want to learn more about lake ecology and lake management. The more educated you are, the more you will enjoy the lakefront living lifestyle!

A publication by the MA Department of Conservation & Recreation Lakes & Ponds Division was written by Michelle Robinson in 2004 and provides and excellent overview of lake ecology. 

The first two chapters will help you understand the basic concepts of watersheds and the ecology of lakes and ponds, the importance of a watershed approach to lake and pond protection, and cycles within a lake system. The following chapters address the main causes of reduced water quality and detail ways that you, as a concerned citizen, can adopt a proactive role in preventing further degradation of our water bodies. The final two chapters provide guidance for people who wish to go one step further and begin or join a lake association, apply for grants or obtain additional educational publications. A glossary of aquatic terms is provided in the back of the book.

Read the full version of the MA Lake & Pond Guide on-line. Bookmark it for future reference!

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