When do the Peak Foliage Colors Come Through New England?

New England Fall FoliageThere’s no better place to view and experience the change of seasons than a drive through New England in the Fall. Such iconic scenes have launched a thousand postcards (especially the colors reflecting off lakes) and turned New England into the ultimate fall destination for leaf peepers.

So how do you know when the peak foliage colors are making their way down? Check out this interactive map that estimates the timeline for peak colors in different parts of the region. Just click the “Play” button.

Happy Exploring! …And just to make it fun…send me your 2014 lake-related foliage photos. The top 10 will get FREE “Lakefront Living” T-shirts! You can send them to info@lakefrontliving.com.

Posted by: Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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