Lakefront Living: The #1 Mistake Lakefront Buyers Make

Aquatic Weeds
Here’s what your shoreline looked like when you purchased the home in the fall

Shoreline conditions are one of the most important aspects of purchasing a lakefront property in New England.

Nothing is worse than discovering you can’t swim or boat at your new lakefront home because of invasive aquatic weeds that didn’t show up until summertime.

Aquatic Weeds
Here’s what it looked like during your first summer!

The time of year you buy can make a dramatic difference in how you are viewing the shoreline.

If you are purchasing a waterfront home in the fall, winter or early spring; be sure you understand what kind of conditions you will experience in the summer.

What type of weeds exist? How dense are they? Are there control options?

How do you find out about the summer conditions? First, work with a lakefront buyers agent who understands aquatic weeds and has personal knowledge of the lake itself. Second, ask the neighbors on both sides about summertime shoreline conditions. Third, ask the current owner for “recent” summertime shoreline photos.

There’s nothing better than living the lakefront lifestyle to its fullest! Best of luck with your purchase!

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