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Nearly 1,000 lakes and ponds larger than 10 acres and more than 3,000 small ponds are scattered throughout New Hampshire’s watersheds. They are an integral part of New Hampshire’s quality of life, economy and natural heritage. Lakes are a major attraction for short-term recreational visitors, those who own or rent seasonal homes, and permanent residents.

 The most popular uses for most lakes are swimming and boating, followed by fishing. In fact, New Hampshire has approximately 170 public beaches on lakes and ponds.

 Some lakes are natural, but most lakes have a dam at the outlet that increases the depth. The words “lake” and “pond” are often used interchangeably, though ponds are usually smaller.

 The largest lakes are in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region: Winnipesaukee(44,586 acres), Squam (6,791 acres), Winnisquam (4,237 acres) and Newfound (4,451 acres). However, the majority of the state’s lakes and ponds are less than 100 acres in size.

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