Lakefront Living – Benefits of Joining a Lake Association

Owning a lakefront property has many advantages.  Not only will you be able to wake up next to an idyllic and beautiful nature scene, you can enjoy weekend activities on the water.

Another beneficial aspect of buying a lakefront is the ability to join a wonderful lake association.  In short, Lake Association members help keep the lake pristine and give input on ways to maintain the lands surrounding the area.  Participation also enables those who own lakefront homes to keep property values high.  Through financial contributions and hands on volunteer efforts, those who join the lake association can help the lake maintain water levels, purity and quality.  As a member, you can also lend a hand towards preservation efforts that protect the indigenous wildlife of your neighborhood.  You can also keep an eye on local government to ensure that laws are not enacted that will impact the lake and surrounding homes and businesses.

When looking at buying a lakefront home check with lake association leaders to see what the advantages of membership are.  If the lakefront community you are interested in doesn’t have an association, you can establish one yourself.

To do so, you will first have to move waterfront home owners in support of an issue of mutual importance. You can also start investigating what the long-term needs of the community are and begin looking at individuals who can hold important positions within the organization to get things done. You can then establish a constitution and by-laws with input from local homeowners that are as concerned with the upkeep and surrounding areas of the lake as you are.

After a charter meeting, an establishment of membership dues and scheduled agenda, you will be able to say that you have officially started a lake association.  This development will benefit the entire neighborhood and ensure that you and your loved ones enjoy the charm of waterfront living for years to come.

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