Lakefront Living – 7 Winter Grilling Tips

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Jack Frost got you in a chill? Time to fire up the grill! Check out these winter grilling tips to warm up your season on the lake:

1 Because propane loses some of its BTUs in cold weather and will cook less efficiently, make sure your tank is full before starting up the grill.  

2 Grills often take longer to heat up in the winter, so adding an additional quarter of a chimney to your charcoal grill and/or allowing your gas grill an extra five minutes to heat up are great ways to be proactive as you begin grilling in cooler temperatures.

3 Resist the urge to peek, as heat escapes quickly each time you open the grill lid. Consider lower maintenance recipes in the winter so that you don’t have to open the lid as much.

4 Although it may be tempting to decrease the time you spend braving the elements by positioning your grill as close to the deck door as possible, note that grills should be kept at least 5 feet from a dwelling for safety.

5 If your grilling station is open to the lakefront winds, position a picnic table or other large object to provide shelter from gusts that may prevent the grill from retaining heat.

6 Food cools down quickly in winter temperatures, so be sure to immediately cover the food in foil and take it inside right away to avoid a lukewarm meal.

7 Add warm clothing and an upbeat attitude, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the succulent tastes of summer well into the frigid months of winter!

By Erica Olin, Published: November 8, 2010

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