How to Make the Most of a Frozen Lake

Ice Fishing BasicsIce Fishing Basics: by Lee Pilkovsky

During the long winter months, many anglers hole up in front the fireplace or at their fly tying bench, dreaming of warm days with full stringers of trout or live wells brimming with bass.  What many of these anglers are missing out on is some of the best action of the year; ice fishing.

In the winter the fish are more predictable and are hungry, seizing the opportunity to grab a well placed shiner or jig.  While the thought of fishing, “hard water,” conjures up images of swirling snow, driving winds and  frostbite, anglers can still have a very comfortable, enjoyable and productive day of fishing on New England lakes.

As with any sport, safety is always a priority and with a little preparation and common sense, ice fishing can be safer than driving to work.   It’s also a family friendly sport with minimal investment in equipment required and plenty of action to keep kids interested.

When ice fishing, safety should always be priority number one.  Just like any other outdoor activity ice fishing has its inherent dangers, but by using a little common sense and being prepared for an emergency, you can make any day a great day on the ice.

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Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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