Improve Your Shoreline with Floating Fountains

Floating FountainFloating fountains are not only beautiful but are also effective to keep the green away and provide aeration to your lake or pond water. There are many options and styles. Easy set up in only a few minutes – just add water. These water fountains are totally portable and can also be supplied with lights.

Floating Fountains improve the overall quality of your water through water circulation and aeration. This not only makes the pond or lake look better, but it smells better and removes mosquitoes, debris and algae.

The Kasco Fountain and Aeration products are ideal for any one to use in their home or pond. The design is made from stainless steel and thermoplastic components to make it one of the most durable, long lasting and efficient tool that you can use in your pond or lake water. The product was designed for minimal maintenance, energy efficiency,  and ease of operation.

A combination of a floating fountain with a lighting system in a lakefront property setting  creates an unforgettable centerpiece that draws attention to any home or business.

View a video of Floating Fountains here.

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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