Early Spring Fishing Tips

If you’re an avid angler, you know that early spring can be an excellent time for fishing. With the arrival of warmer temperatures, lakefront home owners are ready to trade in their ice fishing gear. To help you make the most of your early spring fishing trips, we’ve compiled five tips that can improve your chances of catching fish.. By following these tips and utilizing your skills and knowledge, you can increase your success rate and make the most of the early spring fishing season.

The prep work

  • Rod Maintenance- Clean and grease your reels, change your line ,and replace your hooks. Yes you can still fish with an un-maintained fishing rod, but why? A small amount of maintenance will make your early spring fishing trip feel fresh and well thought out. Don’t overlook the small details to ensure you fish at your best.
  • Weather Conditions- Know where to look. No matter the type of fish you are targeting, certain principles apply universally. Since all fish are cold-blooded, they tend to slow down during winter. During early spring, it is crucial to adjust your pace and slow down along with them. Monitor the water temperature, and follow the sun. The slightest increase in water temperature can bring the fish out of hiding.
  • Bait- The age old question of fresh bait versus a well designed fishing lure. Early spring fishing is the best time to use fresh bait. The added smell seems to have an undeniable attraction to the fish coming out of hibernation. But if that’s not your style, try switching up your lure. A more subtle moving lure may be the better speed for early spring fish.

Final Steps for Early spring Fishing

  • Personal Care- It is easy to get caught up in “getting out there” but remember to be prepared for yourself. Bring extra sunscreen, a hat and fresh drinking water. It is still nippy, but the sun is strong. You don’t want your first fishing trip to be the first sunburn of the season! Don’t forget to check your PFD. Make sure it is in good working order, inflatable or traditional style.
  • Check your local state fishing regulations- Make sure your fishing license is up to date. Also your boat registration, and trailer plate registration.
  • Have Fun- Always our final tip in any lake activity! Being a lakefront home owner is a dream come true, make sure to enjoy the experience.

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”

– Steven Wright 

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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