Cozy & Warm by the Hearth

How to get these 4 Great Looks for your fireplace

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Naturally Rustic

This classic rustic look is achieved through a celebration of the glorious outdoors. A twiggy fireplace screen, pine trees, pine cones, snowshoes, a wildlife-themed lamp, log beams and stonework create a timeless rustic look by bringing the outdoors into a lodge setting – the more outdoor elements you incorporate, the more natural and beautiful your setting will appear. Texture is key to obtaining the rustic ambiance, so using a basic, neutral color palette for the furniture and fireplace will help truly accentuate the details of the outdoors. Combining basic sconces and lamps with the natural glow of the hearth provides a comfortable and soothing ambiance that your family and friends will surely melt right into.

Photo by Roger Wade Studios

Whimsical Western

What do you get when you combine a little old with a little new? A trace of whimsy. Classic antiques such as a wagon-wheel chair, an antique barrel, vintage coffee cans and a shiny red pot full of flowers combine to create a playful and unique country setting – not your typical holiday décor. Hanging cowboy boots in lieu of traditional stockings adds a fun, distinctive western flair that will bring smiles to your guests’ faces. Using reclaimed timbers in your furnishings, along with varying shades of red, completes the comfortable western atmosphere. A quick trip to an antique shop or flea market can easily turn your holiday gathering space into a whimsical western wonderland.

Photo by F & E Schmidt

Comfortably Elegant

A focused color palette and repeating patterns exude a subtle look of upscale comfort and help fashion a space that not only pleases the eye, but also warms the holiday spirit. Repeating a color such as burgundy provides contrast against a natural gray background while giving the room unity. Incorporating the tone and texture of sophisticated fabrics in furniture, throws and pillows creates a comfortable but cohesive look. Placing large floral arrangements into stoneware (with dried millet or other fillers), combined with casually positioned throws, creates a classy, welcoming scene for any holiday gathering.

Photo by Roger Wade Studios

Simple & Streamlined

Perfect for the cabin-owner who is strapped for time, this minimalist approach to décor creates a simple but unified room that invites all to join the holiday festivities. Choose any color and style of stockings while modestly accenting the room with the warmth and texture of wood, garland and poinsettias. Connect the candles with a single base to produce an organized, attractive and modern look, while also reducing the mess of wax drippings. An odd number of candles creates an attractive symmetry, directing the focus on the arrangement’s middle light, and helping to tie the entire space to the center – or heart – of the room: the hearth.

– Compiled by Ericka Olin
The designers who contributed their insights for this article:
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● Carol Merica; Design Associates;
● Angela Stocke; Angela’s Bella Flora;


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