Life on the Water – It’s a Way of Life for This Family

John and Darcy Somervill relax along the shoreline.Posted July 03, 2013 in Clear Lake by Lori Berglund

Cruising the lake, they crop up one after another. We spy them from the comfort of the boat: docks that are old and weathered, and some that are shiny and new.

Sometimes there’s a party going on — cocktails and slinky sundresses. Sometimes it’s just kids dangling their toes in the water. Always, the water is a connection among families — a link to home, and life on the water.

For those who have grown up on the water, it’s hard to imagine living anyplace else. It becomes a part of them, akin to the blood coursing through the veins and capillaries of the body, bringing life from within. “This place just always makes you feel happy. You can sit out on the dock and appreciate what you have,” says Darcy Sommervil. “I don’t think I could live anywhere except by a body of water.”

Sommervil’s family has owned a home at the water’s edge on South Shore Drive for several decades, dating back over much of the 20th Century. Her mother, Peg Clausen, still owns the home where Sommervil was raised and still spends her summers on the dock. For Sommervil, having a home with a dock on the lake was an idyllic place to grow up — and the place all her teenage friends wanted to hang out together.

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