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looking at lake water qualityMarch 14th, 2012 by University of Maine Cooperative Extension

I work with a number of lake associations throughout Maine.  As I coordinate the Watershed Stewards Program Looking at Lake Water Quality (our lake education program), I get to know the people who care about their lakes – and most often, they are affiliated with a local lake association.  One thing has become apparent over the years that I’ve been working with these groups and these great people – it’s that every lake association is different.

Some associations focus almost all of their efforts on protecting water quality.  More often, the efforts of the association also include protection from invasive aquatic plants AND lake water quality protection.  And many associations have other ranging from coordinating camp road maintenance to hosting social events and coordinating fireworks displays.

lake imageA few are trying to find the balance between these “functions” of a lake association. What all these groups have in common is a love for Maine lakes.  I admire how these dedicated volunteers can keep coming back to meetings, putting together newsletters, testing water quality, walking camp roads looking for eroding culverts, and inspecting incoming boats for invasive plants.

Our lake associations may look vastly different from one another, but they’re essential for protecting our lakes and lakefront homes.  Thank you, lake association folks, for all that you do.

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