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Downsizing does not mean downgrading! Choose a lifestyle upgrade!

Say goodbye to the McMansion. In 2011, homes over 3,200 square feet ended their dominance and appeal. But don’t think that downsizing means downgrading. In fact, homeowners are looking to upsize their amenities to help them enjoy every inch of their homes.

And, while many different generations are following this trend, Boomers are a unique group, looking to enjoy a smaller nest now that the kids have flown the coop. It appears that lakefront homes are filling this need…especially since waterfront prices and mortgage rates are historically low.

Here’s what we hear from Boomers…

Bathrooms: Mature adults are looking for ways to turn ordinary rooms into extraordinarily indulgent spa experiences incorporating elaborate showers, heated floors and towel warmers. It becomes a place to escape.

Kitchens: Boomers are looking for kitchens with amenities that will assist with entertaining. Popular are open design concepts and upgrades that may include cooktops with special-purpose features, such as a built-in grill or wok; commercial or professional-grade appliances; a built-in coffee pot connected directly to plumbing or an oven that dramatically reduces cooking times without microwaves.

Bedrooms: Convenience-based bedroom trends include a laundry room off of the master suite, remote-controlled window treatments and voice controlled lighting and electronics.  

Outdoors: No-mow lawns have sprouted up as a time-, water-, fuel- and money-saving alternative to the traditional lawn. Also, radiant driveway heating systems are an ideal amenity.

Regardless of the size of your lakefront home, whether you build new or buy used, filling your empty nest with hot amenities will help to make your golden years as good as gold.

Considering a lifestyle upgrade? Find your lakefront dream home here.

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