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Give Your Lake a Voice: Create a Lake Association

 What is a Lake Association?

A lake association is a voluntary organization made up of people who own land on or near a lake. Land owners often form an association when they are concerned about issues regarding the quality or use of the lake and want to deal with them in an organized manner.

 What is the Purpose of a Lake Association?

A lake association provides a forum for residents to raise concerns, become educated about problems, and work towards solutions. Just like any organized group that shares a common interest, they are able to work out difficult problems by sharing objectives, knowledge, skills and resources. Together they can have a greater influence on local and state local governments through lobbying and working with government agencies to help influence ordinances and regulations.

Lake associations serve several functions including:

• Developing a partnership with lake neighbors.

• Gaining awareness of neighbors’ lake interests.

• Developing a communications network for sharing lake news.

• Raising awareness of lake issues in the community.

• Launching fund raising events and applying for grants.

• Evolving a long-range lake management plan.

• Acting as a support group for members.

• Gathering information and presenting educational programs for membership and those living near the lake.

• Conducting data collection on a broad range of lake concerns (water quality, aquatic plant surveys, watershed development, and recreational use conflicts).

• Gaining a historical perspective from long-term residents.

• Networking with other lake associations.

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