Best Floating Water Mats for 2021

The best floating water mats for 2021 are a ton of fun while you are on the lake or the river. Sometimes called water islands, water platforms, water lounges, floating docks, patio docks, water pads, or lily pad floats, you can tie them up to your boat at the sandbar or to your dock at home, either way, you’re sure to have a good time using them. Goplus 12' x 6' Floating Water Pad Mat, Tear-Resistant XPE  Foam, Bouncy and Durable Material, for Pool, Beach, Ocean, Lake: Toys &  Games

The Bigger the Floating Mat, The Better:

Here’s the deal though, for max enjoyment, your new floating water mat or lily pad must be at least 10′ x 6′, and it has to be super durable **. Smaller than that, you have a raft **. Less durable, you’ve wasted money **. The water lounges and lily pads listed below are big enough for several adults to lounge and durable enough for rambunctious kids.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Floating Water Mat for Your Family…


The stability of your new floating water mat for the lake is going to determine the type of activities you can do on it. While some water mats are only for lying down, some of them are suitable for walking, running, and do various water sports comfortably. We will recommend you buy a water mat that is suitable for water sports because they are the most stable and can take extra weight seamlessly.


The durability of your floating water mat for the lake is an important factor, and the material that’s used determines it. That said, it does not matter how good the material is, if the construction is not efficient, the water mat will not last long and pose many dangers. You should check protective specifications like whether it is worn and tear-proof or not, whether the kids and pets can puncture it or not and likewise. In addition, the joints must be reinforced, and there must be options to lock the mat to the boat or dock.

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We believe it is super important to purchase a floating water mat for the lake the is big enough for your family AND guests. The lake is the perfect place to entertain and a mat too small will not accommodate too many people. That said, go BIG!

What to Buy?

Below are our top 5 best floating water mats for 2021 that we consider both big enough and durable enough for your family and friends…

Floating Water MatSummary
Mission Reef Water PadBest inflatable water pad, firm, with many size options.
Yacht Dock Floating PlatformBest inflatable water platform.
Goplus Water PadBest foam water pad and it’s gigantic.
Driftsun Asana Yoga Mat Best floating yoga mat.
Solstice Inflatable Floating DockExcellent Floating Water Dock

Kids love to jump off, play king of the hill, and chase each other around while enjoying the lake. Adults love to kick back on these floating water mats/lily pad floats to enjoy a beverage or two and soak up some rays. In all, the best water island is an excellent addition to your next adventure at your new lakefront home.

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