Tips For Starting Kids Fishing on the Lake

Buying a lakefront home allows your kids to childhood full of fun memories of summer days. Fishing is an excellent hobby that gets your children outside and engaging with nature. However, getting your kids into fishing can be a tricky experience. Below are a few tips to make it easier…

Keep it Fun and Simple

You want young anglers to have a good time on the water, and part of that is keeping them occupied catching fish. So, get kid-friendly fishing gear and target populated areas to increase your chances of reeling in fish.

You can also create other fun activities in the water to keep it interesting. You can have them look for critters, play with worms, launch leaf boats in the water and collect rocks. You can also teach them fun facts about the bugs and the fish in your area to make their experience more enjoyable.

Start Slow-

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rush a child into fishing with overexposure. If you think a preschooler can sit in a boat and fish for hours like your best buddy, you’re in for a rude awakening. Training a future fisherman or fisherwoman is a process that takes time. Start that process by simply taking a nature walk to a local lake or river. Strolling along the shoreline and spotting a fish or two will peak their curiosity.

When it’s time to actually fish, plan a short trip of an hour or less. Go when the weather is ideal and you have a place in mind where the child is certain to catch fish. Six-pound largemouths or 10-pound catfish are not necessary. The important thing is that the kids are getting frequent bites to hold their attention. Typically, bluegills are your best bet as they live near the shoreline and are eager to bite. Before the child begins to lose interest, call it a day. That way they are left wanting more. At home, continue the process by reading children’s fishing books and showing them your tackle box. It’s also a good idea to practice casting and reeling in the basement or out in the backyard.

Target Small Species-

While most adults are more concerned with catching large species, children are content with anything at the end of the line. Avoid trophy-sized species when you take your kids fishing since these species require advanced skills that most kids are uncomfortable with.

Instead, focus on smaller species since they are plentiful and easier to catch. Most of them are found in densely populated areas and feeding zones. While others like panfish and trout can be found near the docks or weed beds.

Use Live Bait-

Live baits are more fun and engaging for children than lures. They get to play with the worms and crickets before they hook them on the line or when they need a break from fishing.

Additionally, live baits increase your chances of catching species such as trout, panfish, crappie, and more. Therefore, when starting, opt for live bait such as nightcrawlers, crickets, mealworms, or garden worms.

The most important thing to teach your child about fishing is to have patience and have fun! After all good things come with time. Fishing with your children at your lakefront home is s great way of bonding and spending quality time together because they grow up before your eyes!

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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