Tips For Boating into the Fall on Your Lake!

Fall is finally upon us and while you may be sad to see the summer boating season go, boating in the fall has many advantages! There is still so much to enjoy from your lakefront house! Fewer people are on the water and temperatures are a bit cooler, giving you the opportunity to have a peaceful trip out on the waters that you wouldn’t frequently get to experience during the prime summer boating months.

What’s not to love about fall boating…

Open Waterways- The highways may be busier with the fall, but the waterways are clear skies! With that big lake all to yourself, the possibilities are nearly limitless—or at least it feels that way. From fuel docks without a line, nearly empty launch ramps to guaranteed seating at your favorite dockside restaurant, it’s all yours for the taking, autumn boater. 

Extended Quality Boating Time

By continuing to boat into the fall, you get more weeks or even months of quality boating time. You don’t have to feel compelled to take your boat out every weekend like during the summer months to get the most out of it, making for a more relaxed boating season. Boating into fall also means enjoying trips in cooler, calmer conditions. No more sweltering heat to take the edge off the enjoyment, nor worrying about violent thunderstorms and poor boating conditions typical of summer season.

Fall is the best season of all for fishing in some climates. Many species of fish take the onset of fall to migrate, and these migrations lead to rivers, bays and coastlines teeming with fish. Perhaps the best thing about boating in fall is the spectacular autumn scenery you get to enjoy. Trees turning to yellows, oranges and reds and the calmer, flatter waters reflecting those colors create a blissful backdrop for boaters.

Safety Tips- Along with all its beauty, fall also brings shorter days and colder nights… and the need for extra safety measures. Here are a few precautions to consider on your next fall outing:

Have PFDs on hand: Shorter days and colder nights mean even colder water temperatures. Be sure to always wear a PFD as it will help protect you from the initial shock—should you go overboard, but let’s try to avoid that.

Dress in layers: Not only will you be picture ready, but you’ll be well prepared for the semi-extreme temperature changes of autumn.Bring plenty of light: Cruising and long on-the-water outings get a little trickier with the shorter days.

Watch the weather: Autumn weather is unpredictable and can change very quickly, making boating sometimes difficult for even experienced boaters. Know the weather before setting sail and keep an eye on it during your day cruise to eliminate any potential surprises.

Always have a Float Plan: Whether you’re boating solo or a group, always let someone, back on the terra firma, know where you’ll be and when you plan to return.

Boating at your lakefront home in the fall time is a great way to kick back and enjoy the finer things that the lake life has to offer. What else could better than an unobstructed view of the leaves on a warm fall day from the lake with an apple cider in hand?

Posted by Scott Freerksen “The Lake Guy”

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