New England Fall Foliage From the Water

Experience this year’s fall foliage from New England’s many harbors, rivers, and lakes. By Chris Burnett ,

New England is famous for its colorful fall foliage, which draws thousands of visitors (or “leaf peepers,” as they’re affectionately known) to every corner of its diverse landscape each year. It seems that most of these tourists line country roads and flock to hilly foliage hot spots to admire the fall colors, but a lesser number know to take advantage of New England’s many bodies of water, which often offer even more spectacular views that are only accessible by boat. Here’s a list of sixteen New England cruises that promise to give you a new perspective on classic fall foliage. The list includes jaunts along rugged shorelines, journeys up and down rivers, and treks across mountain-lined lakes.

New England Cruises: Lake Cruises

Cruise Mount Washington | Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire

The huge M/S Mount Washington sails from port to port around Lake Winnipesaukee, giving its passengers stunning views of lakeside foliage and nearby mountains.

Katahdin Cruises | Moosehead Lake, Maine

The Katahdin, a 1914 steamboat, transports her passengers back in time while sailing along the shores of Maine’s largest lake.

Rangeley Region Lakes Cruises | Rangeley Lake, Maine

Daily fall cruises offer views of nearby mountains and the beautiful foliage of northwestern Maine.

Spirit of Ethan Allen | Lake Champlain, Vermont

The Spirit of Ethan Allen III presents passengers with views of Burlington and the sprawling Lake Champlain. Sunsets on the lake are particularly breathtaking!

Sunapee Cruises | Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire

Take a narrated tour of Lake Sunapee while enjoying the beautiful lakeside foliage.

Whistling Man Schooner Company | Lake Champlain, Vermont

For a more intimate cruising experience, hop aboard this cozy, wind-driven schooner and sail Lake Champlain.

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