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What is the connection between loving our dogs and loving the lake? The shared enjoyment of boating and all the other unique elements of boating and lake life seem to bring out the best in the relationship between humans and our dogs. Any time we share our vacation fun and relaxation time with our pets we are adding to the richness of the bonds between us.

Dogs are also great conversation starters between boaters. We typically ask people what breed of dog they have, and whether or not the dog (or dogs) enjoys being on their boat. Dogs seem to be every bit as enthusiastic as their owners about taking walks by the lake and going on boat rides. I have seen many dogs happily going along for a day of fishing and relaxing with their families, or enjoying a ride on the jet ski. Maybe it is because they sense that we are enjoying ourselves so much that they want to experience it with us.

When we talk to other dog owners at the lake we often find that we have some similar experiences with our pets. Almost everyone says that their dogs know when they are getting ready to go to the lake. As soon as we get out our cooler and start putting things into the car, our dog realizes that we are headed to the lake. In order to make sure he does not get left behind he jumps into the car, settles in and waits for us to leave. One friend recently confided that her dog (Bandit, above) would wait in the car for hours once he knew that they were getting ready to go to the lake.

These two cute pups were spotted watching a wakeboard tournament from their owners’ pontoon boat. Looks like they are thinking about giving wakeboarding a try. Wonder if the bindings could be modified for paws?

Many wakeboard tournament attendees bring their dogs along for the event. The dogs seem to have at least as much fun as the people at big events. They enjoy the chance to meet and greet lots of new and old friends. Sometimes they get more attention that the competitors!

These lucky pups at left were enjoying a boat ride with their family recently. When everyone gets out to go for a swim they jump right in and join the fun! They get very excited whenever someone gets in the water to ski, wakeboard or tube. Hanging out on the lake is their idea of living the good life.

Another lake lover at right, enjoying a pontoon boat ride. I feel like we are very lucky to have the companionship of our pets at the lake. I think they feel lucky to be with us and enjoying the water as well. It is always great to see happy dogs on a dock getting ready to go for a boat ride, or just watching the boat traffic.

 These two lake lovers like to spend the day fishing off their dock with their family. They tried to convince us to take them on a boat ride, but we had to hurry off as we had made other plans for the afternoon. Most of the boaters we have asked say that their dogs love a boat ride, and eagerly jump on board whenever they are given the opportunity.

While he seems to be a little bit worried about this strange mode of transportation, being in his owner’s arms makes it all worthwhile for this American Eskimo dog at right. When he isn’t busy defending the dock from would-be intruders, he is always ready for a walk to the lake. Hope you and your pet are enjoying your time together at the lake like these pets and owners are!

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