How Do I Find My Dream Lakefront Property?

Internet Search issues

If you ever tried finding lakefront property on the internet, you probably became frustrated very quickly. Unfortunately, when properties are put into MLS systems, “waterfront” can mean a lot of things. Sometimes they just have a view of the lake, or have lake rights, a Koi pond, riverfront, etc.  We even came across a home with a pool that was coded as waterfront! 70% of the homes found on-line coded as lakefront…are really not. And even if you are lucky enough to find one, you will not find any information on the lake. Therefore, client log-in features on generic real estate sites;, etc. will not produce the results you need.

This site was set up to solve 3 consumer problems. 1) The ability to search direct lakefront property ONLY from all of MLS. 2) To provide specific information on each lake in the state. 3) Provide a point of contact or “Local Lakefront Specialist” to assist you further. Choose a state from the main website (just MA & RI now) and select the AUTO SEARCH feature. This free program will provide DIRECT lakefront property e-mails with homes that match your specific criteria (by location, price, lake, boating).

This is a national lakefront property website that markets lakefront homes providing they get paid advertising fees by the homeowner or listing agent. Therefore, they only show a small percentage of the lakefront market (about 5%), but it’s still a good resource to find FSBO listings nationwide. They also have a free automated search function that will e-mail you properties by state.

Drive Around

Never underestimate the power of driving around lakefront neighborhoods. You’ll discover streets and locations that fit your lifestyle the best. Talk to people you see out and ask about the lake, recreation, activities, anyone who is selling, etc. At least 1 out of 3 people you talk to will know everything about the area and people.

Internet Searches

Google searches of particular lakes or communities may turn up an agency that specializes in that area. For example:

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